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Airport Taxi Drivers Unite and Files Petition for Executive’s Dismissal

Operators claim they can no longer tolerate the behaviour of the executive and are demanding the immediate resignation of the executive.

More than half of the active taxi drivers at the airport, affiliated with the United Taxi Company (UTC), have signed a petition calling for the dismissal of its current executive. The operators allege a litany of issues, ranging from “antagonistic behaviors and attitudes” to claims of violence.

The petition signed by over 50 taxi operators, accuse the executive of fostering an atmosphere marred by hostility, claiming that on numerous occasions, executive members have displayed violent tendencies towards fellow UTC operators.

The operators say the executive has displayed “antagonistic behaviours and attitudes” on numerous occasions. They have also accused members of the executive of showcasing violence towards or with other UTC operators. Violence they said could have ended in brawls or worse in the presence of airport guests and other individuals. 

Furthermore, they accuse the body of operating above the law and disenfranchising members by taking over their jobs for personal gain. 

The operators, in the petition, said that they have had enough of the executive’s lack of communication, disrespect and disregard towards work. 

They say they will no longer be subject to this type of abuse of wanton disrespect and have called for their immediate resignation and will elect a new executive that will properly represent their interests.

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