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All Saints woman found dead near Pot Works Dam

The body of Gwendolyn Williams of All Saints was discovered inside a grey CRV, parked near the waterside in an area known to locals as ‘Dam Road’.

Members of the Royal Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda are investigating the death of a 49-year-old woman whose body was found inside a vehicle near Potworks Dam on Tuesday afternoon.

Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) Frankie Thomas said investigators are treating the incident as a case of sudden death. “I can’t go into details as to why the vehicle is positioned where it is positioned and why the deceased chose to drive and come here – all that will form part of the investigation a we continue to probe this particular incident,” he explained.

The body of Gwendolyn Williams of Mack Pond, All Saints was discovered inside a grey CRV, parked near the waterside in an area known to locals as ‘Dam Road’. The road has been, for decades, used as one of the older routes that lead from Pot Works area to the village of Bethesda.

Prior to discovering her body, Thomas told the media that the woman’s relatives had reported her missing on Monday 6th November at around 2pm. “They did report to the police that she went missing and it is a concern for them, somewhat of an unusual departure and so that create some concern and raise some anxiety among family members and hence they took the right steps to report that matter to police,” Thomas explained.

Despite initiating a search operation following the missing person report at the All Saints Police Station, there were no immediate results. The situation took a somber turn when Williams’s lifeless body was found at Pot Works Dam the next day.

Officers from the Freetown Police Stations, All Saints Police Station and members of the Serious Crime’s Unit responded to the report. Following the report, the police arrived on the scene shortly after 1 pm on Tuesday 7th November, and found her body slumped over inside the vehicle. Williams was pronounced dead by a medical doctor at 2:47 p.m.

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