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Burning Flames reuniting in 2023 for good; Oungku to launch clothing brand

Clarence "Oungku" Edwards, member of teh original Burning Flames Band speaks with hosts at St. Croix’s 70th Anniversary Village Flag Night

Will 2023 be the year to witness the reunion of the epic original Burning Flames band once and for all?

Well, according to one of the band’s founding members Clarence “Oungku” Edwards, it just might be.

“We’re now trying to out these side fires,” Oungku said on Tuesday night during an interview on VI Consortium for St. Croix’s 70th Anniversary Village Flag Night. Oungku’s band Red Hot Flames was invited to perform for the event.

After becoming the biggest sensation out of small island music in the 1980’s, the band split up as a result of irreconcilable differences between brother Oungku and Toriano “Onyan” Edwards.

Both brothers kept on making music by forming their individual bands. Oungku formed his own Red-Hot Flames while Onyan continued making music under the moniker of Onyan & the Three Cylinders.

And while Burning Flames has played as a group since the split, the other bands exist simultaneously.

It is these other groups that the brothers will attempt to put to rest this year.

“We’re trying to out them now this year to get back to the original,” he told the hosts.

He agreed that it was a long time coming for a band that has been able to bridge a number of generations for so long.

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“We’ve bridged quite a few generations and we’re ready to bridge a few more,” he said excitedly.

He said they will also create “new music” developed from songs they recorded separately during their years apart.

Oungku’s Clothing Line

Oungku is also planning to launch his clothing brand “Sexo” this year.

He said the site will be up in the next three weeks offering unisex clothing which will include body suits, tank tops and jackets.

“I have been promoting it for the past two years and I just got my first shipment of stuff and I’m excited about it,” he said.

Watch full interview here:

The Burning Flames band was formed in 1984 in Antigua by four main members: brothers Onyan, Oukngo, and David “Krokuss” Edwards and their nephew Rone “Foxx” Watkins.

The band is known for hits like Stylee Tight and Iron Band.  In 1989, their song “Workey Workey” received international acclaim. The song was later covered by Byron Lee & the Dragonaires, famous for playing a pioneering role in bringing Caribbean music to the world.

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Burning Flames is recognized a being hugely influential in bringing about the modernization of soca music in the Eastern Caribbean.

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