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Strike looms as UTC executive says they are still in charge

The airport taxi operators are threatening to strike if the matters are not resolved.

The members and the executive of the United Taxi Company (UTC) are expected to meet this coming Monday in hopes of settling several issues that have eroded the relationship between airport taxi operators and their bosses.

The six-member executive has seemingly been ousted with more than half of UTC’s members accusing the executive of abuse and disrespect

The members also have issues with delayed elections to install a new executive which was due last June.

But Henley Daniel, Executive President of the UTC said those concerns were never brought before him. “I really don’t know what they’re fighting about. Nobody came to me and said anything,” he said. 

In the meantime, he said the executive will continue to operate as such, despite members seemingly voting in an interim executive on Thursday.

“The executive still stands,” …” We are still the executive,” he insisted, saying that he was not present at Thursday’s meeting. 

The airport taxi operators have threatened to strike, according to member Keithroy Benjamin and former president Ian Joseph.

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